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Vacuum Frying

What is Vacuum Frying?

Vacuum frying is a temperature &  pressure controlled frying process carried out in a closed vacuum chamber maintained below the atmospheric pressure, substantially reducing the boiling point of liquid medium used for deep frying below 90℃. The low frying temperature and minimal exposure to oxygen makes the fried products retain its original flavour, texture and colour adding up the tastes of the minerals and micronutrients of the original fruits and vegetables.

What are the major health benefits compared to conventional fry method?

Frying temperature of oil used will be less than 90℃, which retains the oil properties and reduce toxic component formation in the frying Oil. Low temperature & absence of air  in the closed chamber during frying retains original colour, texture & flavour of the product. Reduced fat intake (50-60%) compared to conventional fried products. Low moisture content and water activity increases the product shelf life.

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