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Know about us

Golden Cherry International is a food processing company operating from KINFRA Industrial Park Punalur in Kollam district of Kerala. We are a team passionate about preserving all the natural forms of foods without compromising its real tastes.


The company always strives to provide the best and healthiest products to customers

of all ages. As we work to preserve all the natural forms of the products we make, we are keen on the health benefits and this is how the brand Healthy Deal was born. Today Healthy Deal is one of the leading Vacuum Cooked Snacks Brands in India.


Vacuum Cooking is an innovative green technology to conserve the oil degradation, reduce the oil absorption and retain the nutritional quality of the cooked product by heating it under negative pressure and low temperature that lowers the boiling

points of the oil and water in the product.


Vacuum frying is exactly what it sounds like; frying in a vacuum condition using a low temperature which is lower than that of conventional frying methods. We provide the best healthy and tasty vacuum-fried snacks.


The vacuum-cooked snack retains more nutritional value than traditionally fried snacks. Low-temperature Vacuum cooking makes high natural sugar fruits and vegetables, and the snack becomes exceptionally crisp.

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The Brand Healthy Deal

To choose a brand name for our products, we were first looking for something that sounded like what we are selling, thus brand Healthy Deal was born! As the brand name resonates, we offer healthy products that can be enjoyed by all age groups.


Healthy Deal's Vacuum Fried Fruits and Vegetables are made with naturally and cultivated fruits and vegetables. The taste of vacuum fried chips is different from conventional fried chips. Vacuum frying keeps the real aroma, taste, and nutritional contents of ripe fruits. It contains less cholesterol than openly fried products.

I tis completely preservative-free, cholesterol-free and filled with vitamins and natural minerals.


Under the brand name of Healthy Deal, our products encompass almost every type of product, and we offer many varieties of fruits and vegetables, and there are many more being developed by our affiliates in research and development.


Our mission is to offer customers healthy and remarkably tasty snacks that will make them feel satisfied. We assure the quality starting from raw material selection to the final packing

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